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It won't let me play the game on my Chromebook, the only laptop I have. What exact platforms can people play this game on?

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Hey! Thanks for commenting. This should work on all browsers. The game is also available on If that won’t work, then I wouldn’t know why.

Maybe tech support might help.

Maybe it's the number of gigabytes the game uses.

Great game, could see it being a fun full day binge when more levels are developed!

Thanks for the comment and for your feedback hbb.

Hey, this is a fantastic puzzle! Are you still working on it?


Thanks for your comment! I have plans to continue working on this game. There’s a lot that I believe can be improved on.

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You can email me at 

LOVED this!! Super fun, would love more levels :)

Thanks for playing and for your comment! I would've added lots more levels if not for the time constraint. Thanks again! <3