Welcome to INCUB8! 

You must be the new intern. Let's see how you manage during your first couple days at work!


Job Description;

Use your mouse to click and drag the eggs between the incubators. Red incubators heat the eggs up, and the blue incubators cool them down!

The bar on the left indicates the egg's progress towards hatching. The bar above it indicates its current temperature.

Keep the eggs in the green to make them hatch! Eggs will break if you keep them too hot or too cold for too long!

Run out of time or break too many eggs and the management won't be happy!

NOTE: Eggs will not hatch unless they're inside an incubator!

Estimated play time <10 mins.

This game was created for LevelUp Circle: Beginner Game Jam #1 in which the theme was Temperature is key. It's my first 'complete' game, and this was my first game jam. Although there's lots I could improve on, I'm proud of this project!


All sfx and sprite assets are made by me.

Song is: Dispersion Relation by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/3657-dispersion-relation

License: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

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Nice work! Super cute and challenging game :)

Really like that there's a "story" too!

Thanks for playing!

I make it until Day 5 it's hard haha.

Simple, challenging, and a good game, could have a big potential for improvement like adding sound effects, particle effects, try add a grab hand icon (or something similar) as a mouse pointer when dragging the egg, and lastly give an alert warning when the time (not the egg but the clock) is almost up so it gives the player feels more nervous (that will be interesting).

I wish there is a pause time at the beginning of each level before I start make the first move (something like a count down or similar), so that I have my own time to make my careful decision where to put.  Because when it starts all my time is about the temperature haha.

For future improvement, add a simple instruction in the game at the beginning so the player will get overall context.  Just an idea, maybe try a different color palette on each days (that's interesting).  Add a heating or cold light (or an animation or something) inside the incubators box.

That's all from my feedback to your improvement, great job overall and keep making fun games!

Thanks for your comment!

I agree with all of your points of feedback and I’m so glad you mentioned them because now I have a reference haha. 

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Try day 5 again it’s the final level!

I am glad that my feedback received positively, I wanted to help developers grow and support them especially an indie solo developer.

Ah yes and few things to add, because the story is about the dragon egg maybe it will be very funny and interesting if you can make a character of a nurse dragon lady as the employer, and the intern (It's you the player) can become a junior dragon character which is trying to apply for a position at the baby dragon hospital (or something similar haha or like in a baby dragon wizard school, that's fantasy, ideas can go wild)  By the way, the music is nice and enjoyable and suits for the theme.

And always remember to have fun that's the most important thing in life, keep making fun games!

This is fantastic!!!

Thanks so much!

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Nice JOB! so far. I really had fun hatching the eggs, Can’t wait to see more. Only made it to level where it was for real lost by a half a second. a little tight, but I like the overall feel. Keep it up!!

Thanks so much for your comment!

this game is a pretty well treatment of the hot , i got to be until the level 4

Thanks for playing!

i hope you win

What day did you get to before getting fired? 
Or did you pass all of the levels?

i got to level 3 its hard

The trick is manage all the eggs at once.

Try a different technique and maybe you can earn that promotion!

i will try that next time

cool game! made it to day 4, ( i think, lol)

unfortunately the music started to play 2x then. Like the current playing music was still playing + the new game music started too, had to reload the page to fix.


Thanks for reporting your experience!
I've since squashed the bugs that you and a few others have reported.

Thanks again for playing!